Part One of the project asked the Visual Artists to provide their Writer collaborators with a “playlist” inspired by the theme Vanquished Terrains.  Each playlist includes:

  • One piece of music
  • One movie
  • One location

Eliza Barrios | Myron Michael
Paul Bridenbaugh | Steve Gilmartin
Karrie Hovey | Elise Ficarra
Misa Inaoka | Jaime Cortez
Keiko Ishihara | Chaim Bertman
Patricia Kelly | Vince Montague
Dwayne Marsh | Nana Twumasi
Nathaniel Parsons | Ly Nguyen
Christine Ponelle | Annice Jacoby
Matthew Rogers | Maw Shein Win
Megan Wilson | Hugh Behm Steinberg
Liz Worthy | Jenny Bitner

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