Freedom of the Press!

The Mighty Little Press behind the
Broadside Attractions | Vanquished Terrains Exhibit
– Intersection for the Arts

Admit it, in the era of soft copies and kindles, who knows what a “Broadside” is anymore? And maybe if you do, you probably are a designer or printer (or ephemera geeks like us), right?

Once upon a time, there was the press. The true O.G. in the printing game, that once was tasked to print the night away of news of wars starting and ending, assassinations, marriages, and county fairs. These beautiful buffalo-like beasts of a press are still productive, revered and respected today in the careful confines of private boutique shops and some very-specialized industrial printing houses. Meet Lisa Rappoport of Littoral Press, a keeper of tradition.

Intersection for the Arts had the honor of having Lisa’s talents for the Broadside Attractions | Vanquished Terrains Exhibit (Apr 11-May 26), where she and her trusty Vandercook cylinder press produced the traditional-style broadsides for the 12 pairs of artists.

One fine Friday afternoon, we got down at Littoral Press in West Oakland. In the presence of these machines and their maestra, we were in awe. Here’s a little vid and tribute to the work behind letterpress.

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